About Our School

The school has evolved as one of the premier educational institutions of the country. With ‘education’ acquiring new connotations and spanning wider dimensions, the school is alive to the challenge of moulding a new generation of students into a genre of well integrated personalities equipped with the life skills necessary to take up future challenges. Empowering every student and building his/her understanding forms an integral part of the school system. The school has burgeoned into a multidisciplinary institution, offering various facilities to impart diverse skills, in tune with the requirements of the modern world.
The students of the school have each year done us proud with their excellent performance, not only in academics but also in cultural activities and sports – emerging at the top everywhere. The game of life is to come up as a winner – to be the very best, for there is no place for mediocrity in this highly competitive world. Our students have the Confidence to excel and the school faculty, with its dedication, gives them the encouragement to realise their dreams. I am confident that the school shall forever continue to bask under the clear skies of its glory and success